About Tasos


       Tasos Nyfadopoulos is a member of Greek Chamber of Fine Arts. He has been creating a series of sculptures named “Blue”, that deals with fundamental questions about the human experience. The use of innovative high – end industrial materials in his art, such as Carbon fiber and Kevlar, is extensive and plays an important role in shaping the form of his work. “Carbon fiber, i.e. thousands of fibers of carbon braided together, gives life to my sculptures since carbon is one of the basic elements of all known life.”, Tasos says about his carbon fiber artworks.

About Tasos’s “Crisis” Sculpture

      “Crisis” sculpture is permanently exhibited in Vouliagmenis Avenue 602 A in Athens and is the first sculpture in public place addressing socioeconomic crisis worldwide. Tasos was working for 18 months on this large-scale, public installation, inspired by the socioeconomic problems caused by the global financial breakdown.  The sculpture composed of innovative materials, including carbon fiber, fiberglass, resins, is 6, 8 meters long, 3, 4 meters wide and 4 meters high.
2/12 – 30/12/2016: Solo Exhibition “Blue. It is not from around here” – Gallery Artower Agora, Athens
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26/5 – 11/6/2017:  “Refuge: in search of safety” – Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2017 (Juried arts festival), Bath – United Kingdom
22/2 – 11/3/2017: Group Exhibition  “Antipragmatismos ΙΙ” – Gallery Eos, Athens
15/8 – 21/8/2016: Group Exhibition “On paper” –  Gracia Festival 2016, Gallery UntitledBCN, Barcelona
5/7/ – 9/7/2016: Group Exhibition “Dissociative Experience Scales” – Circuits & Currents, Athens
22/1/- 5/2/2016: Group Exhibition “tpn- Exhibit in Barcelona” – Gallery UntitledBCN, Barcelona


Contemporary Sculpture by Tasos Nyfadopoulos made out of Kevlar , Carbon Fiber , Diolen , Fiberglass, Resin-Reinforced Concrete - Gypsum and 24k Gold

Parallel Expressions
Where do you wanna go?
Altered Reality
Discovering Us detail view
Outer Within
Crisis Sculpture
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