Contemporary Sculpture by Nyfas made out of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Diolen Fiber, and 24k Gold

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About Nyfas


          Tasos Nyfadopoulos, also known as Nyfas was awarded first prize in 2018 for his sculpture “Crisis” from the United Kingdom-based Arts organization Red Line Artworks. He is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts and works as a professional sculptor since 2013. He is one of the leading artists working with innovative materials, i.e. carbon fiber and kevlar. 
      “Crisis” sculpture is permanently exhibited in Vouliagmenis Avenue 602 A in Athens and is the first sculpture in public place addressing socioeconomic crisis worldwide. Nyfas was working for 18 months on this large-scale, public installation, inspired by the socioeconomic problems caused by the global financial breakdown.  The sculpture composed of innovative materials including carbon fiber is 6, 8 meters long, 3, 4 meters wide and 4 meters high. Associated Press, China News Agency Xinhua as well as other international media wrote about “Crisis” sculpture. 
Selected Exhibitions:
20/6 – 24/6/2018: Art Athina 2018, Gallery Artzone 42
12/10 – 12/11/2018: Byzantine Museum of Athens, Sculpture Exhibition – Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece 
11/9 – 20/9/2018:  Municipal Gallery of Mykonos, Group Exhibition “Darling Shine!” – Gallery Artzone 42, Mykonos, Greece
2/12 – 30/12/2016: Solo Exhibition “Blue. It is not from around here” – Gallery Artower Agora, Athens, Greece
24/10 – 26/10/2018: Group Exhibition “Scenes from the past and the future” – Gallery Time of Art, Kifissia, Greece
3/10 – 5/10/2018: Group Exhibition “Life between art” – Gallery Time of Art, Kifissia, Greece
12/7 – 28/7/2018: Group Exhibition “Dream Big” – Gallery Artzone 42, Athens, Greece
2/12 – 15/12/2017: Group Exhibition “Regard” – Pop Up Art Gallery by Feral Horses, London – United Kingdom
26/5 – 11/6/2017: Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2017 (Juried arts festival) – “Refuge: in search of safety”, Bath – United Kingdom
22/2 – 11/3/2017: Group Exhibition  “Exchange Economy ΙΙ” – Gallery Eos, Athens
15/8 – 21/8/2016: Group Exhibition “On paper” –  Gracia Festival 2016, Gallery UntitledBCN, Barcelona
5/7/ – 9/7/2016: Group Exhibition “Dissociative Experience Scales” – Circuits & Currents, Athens
22/1/- 5/2/2016: Group Exhibition “tpn- Exhibit in Barcelona” – Gallery UntitledBCN, Barcelona


For inquiries and more information get in touch with Nyfas! Email: nyfadopoulos@gmail.com